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Since it’s foundation in 2012, STYLETECK Innovations Ltd. has been expanding it’s footprint across the world and has become a global brand. Till date, we have enlarged our business in 8 countries around the world – United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden & Poland by providing services consistently to our consumers.

As a team, we share the same perfection to create the best possible user experience. Our dedication and belief in innovation are the driving forces behind our unique products.







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Customer Focus

Our company follows the strategy of putting the experience of the customers above everything else. We give our best to meet customer satisfaction at every stage.

We focus on meeting customer’s need by providing the best quality products. It helps us to develop loyalty and build trust and also ensure that customers are feeling good about our brands. By paying keen attention to improve customer satisfaction, we can count them as the guiding force behind everything we do. One of the most important parts is making the customer feel heard. We learn from our customers and use those valuable insights to get better and more successful.

Audience Research

We prefer studying the likes and dislikes of customers, their lifestyle of living and lifestyle they aspire to live by tracking trends. To stay up-to-date on our audience, personal communication is another avenue that helps. Periodic surveys depend on the size of the market and we find it useful for staying ahead of the curve on our audience.

We always prefer doing researches on the specific audience to collect information about their behaviours, knowledge, attitudes, preferences or interests. More than ever, we focus on identifying the audience for whom we’re marketing the product. With more audience researches, we can get a variable amount of data to get ideas about how customers feel about our products.

Business Sense

This is all about quick understanding and sensible dealing with a business situation by generating new ideas which is likely to lead our company to a better outcome. We also follow innovative business patterns which equally matters in both e-commerce and regular business.

It can be effectively applied through periodic reviews in which we can track the results of the past about what worked and what didn’t. We use the assessment report to determine the next steps. In this incredibly rapid pace of change, we always have to be on top of current trends in our business and have the data at our fingertips at all time. Some of the essential business skills are – Financial Management, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, Communication and Negotiation, Leadership, Project Management and Planning, Delegation and Time Management, Problem Solving and Networking.

Tailored SEO

Result-oriented SEO services are the cornerstone for improving visibility and increasing traffic. It helps to make the way to get on the top line of the search engine and turn maximum leads. The constantly growing expertise and experience combined with the drive to stay ahead of the algorithms means that we can serve you better than ever before.

Our advanced SEO Services can get your sales and revenue to the maximum level. There are three types of SEO that are needed for a well-rounded organic search strategy – on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. By the help of these, it is much easier to organize and execute our optimization plans considering the company’s business goals, campaign’s current stands and budget. Top three and best strategies according to us are – Content production, Keyword optimization, Multimedia.

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Core Hiring Principles

We prioritize company values to look for the best talents with long-term potential who will grow alongside our organization. Be ready to adapt new challenges from an objective point of view.

Positive Work Environment

It is ideal for maintaining a positive outcome in our company which makes employees feel better and motivated to their work

Collaboration between our workers and managers also plays an important role in a healthy environment in the workplace.

Profit Sharing

This program includes awarding a portion of our company’s profit which gets distributed among our eligible and most deserving employees

It motivates employees to work towards increasing productivity and also stay committed to achieving organizational goals.

Career Development

We generally provide our employees with a range of continuous learning opportunities and career development discussions

Productive information and future trends of organization help employees to create more realistic career goals.